Saturday, May 17, 2008

im going home soon..

It has been sooo sooo long since my last post. Lots of things have changed. In the last post dated 2nd of Jan, my baby girl was born,Tisyia. Now she is already 4 months old and half. She likes to play..a lotttt..and she hates to be left alone. Soo cute!! I thank Allah for this greatest gift. Her presence really make our day as parents. Now i understand what it means or feels to miss the child of your own.

Alhamdulillah, im also now done with my studies here in Ireland. Wainting for my conferring/graduation day which will be on the 5th of June. The result was out last week and i passed. It was really a nerve-breaking moment, the exam itself as well as the result. The moment i knew i passed, it was really2x a huge relief. I kissed my wife and said, "Im a doctor, honey...thank you!!" then i took Tisyia and hold her in my arms and kissed her on her cheek yg tembam tuh..and i whispered, "Tisyia papa dah pass exam, we'll go home soon ok," :)
I would like to thank my wife for her continuous love and support, and without whom i would not be where i am now for are the best wife in the world and i am honoured to have u as my wife:) that my business is over, just waiting for the graduation day, it is her turn to focus on her business: The honey u go focus on your job, let me take care of Tisyia....
Im loving my job now!! WHich are:
-to pack the stuff to get ready for shipping..huhu can't wait to go home!!
-play with our baby girl
-mandikan Tisyia..she loves taking bath..probably it's her favourite by far, after going out of the house
and the best thing of all is that i dont have to worry about early morning lectures, studying, or hospitals anymore for now..what a great feeling to be free!!
I want to thank all the family members especially mama and bapak and friends too for the prayers...
To those who are in the same boat as i am now, congratulations!!! Those yet to sit for the exams, all The best!!
Tmorow im off the country for the 2nd time after the xm. Im taking Tisyia and Shu to Prague with some of my classmate. The first trip to Istanbul last week was really a superb one!!! Credit to Najib n k.Nadwah and their lovely daughters Iffah n Izzah. U guys RawKK!!hehe..till then wassalams

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